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Understanding Social Issues

  Resolving Social Issues Begins with Understanding Social Issues

A blog about social issues can be a great tool in many ways. So much of what we witness, from the atrocities committed against people to the hate that we've seen, are born of ignorance and ignorance that has taught ignorance. The great news is, ignorance has a kryptonite, and it is called knowledge. How We Got to Now is a blog that strives to be that information, the kind of information that helps us all in better understanding social issues.

When we share information, when we learn about history and processes, we can become empowered. A blog about social issues is one of the mediums people can use to get that information, learn about history, and to better understand processes. It is this kind of empowerment that can lead to change. Fixing and improving social issues can only begin by understanding social issues.

This understanding and knowledge also can help us to feel more secure in an uncertain world. When people don't understand something, it can often be scary or create feelings of unease. By contrast and in the same way, understanding helps us to be less concerned and more at ease. It is human nature to fear the unknown, but it is intellect and experience that have taught us how to debunk those fears.

A blog alone won't change the world, but if a blog can inspire, invoke, or prompt a discussion that becomes the spark that leads to change? A blog won't remove all your worries, but the more we understand anything, the less unsure and the more comfortable we feel about it. Ignorance and hate have their kryptonite, and it is knowledge. And when knowledge dawns its cape - fear, the unknown, and uncertainty shudder because it is understanding that is the beginning of change.

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