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About Me



I’m a pretty cool guy, though friends and family tell me otherwise.


I like politics and current-events, and I like to understand the process of our everyday world. These are also the exact same reasons I started HOW WE GOT TO NOW, which I began and operate by myself. Not by choice, of course. I just couldn’t find anyone to help me.


Some things about me: I sometimes write books, but I usually just read them. I also sometimes read short stories, but I usually just write them. None of the books or stories I have written have been published. When I’m not feeling lazy, I like to exercise and cook. But I feel lazy a lot of the time.


Here is a summary of other things about me: I like reading, writing, film, podcasts, hiking/camping, good food, bookstores, coffee percolators, authentic tacos, and turn signals. I don’t like zodiac signs.


And yes, you can also find all of this on my Tinder Profile.

Hi, I’m Eric Prince.

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