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"Best blogger in central Virginia currently living with his parents collecting unemployment...that I know of."

Ricco M, Seattle, WA

"Yes sir been busy but will view it this weekend."


Sean H, Stamford, CT

"Dude your blog is crushing it. So that is nice." 

Austin S, Richmond, VA

"Eric, stop using your blog as an excuse to text me. We broke up two years ago."

Ex-Girlfriend, New York, NY

"Well there's some IQ points I'll never get back."


John R, random dude on Facebook

"Great job, Eric. I'm proud of you." 

Dad, Richmond, VA

"This part I thought was particularly not well fleshed out (points to paragraph)...and it came across as a little over the top."

Anonymous, New York, NY

"I'm seriously so impressed. Not just saying that. And just subscribed. Sorry it took me a bit." 

Caitlin F, New York, NY

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