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Need to Contact Me?

I can't promise I'll answer every email, but I will make an honest effort to. With that said, please see below for GOOD and BAD reasons to email me. If you email me for a BAD reason, I will not respond. If you don't hear back from me, try sending me a tweet via @got2now on Twitter or by sliding into my DMs via @got2now on Instagram.  

Email me at: 

Good reasons to email me: to recommend a future topic for coverage, to send me cool articles or information, to ask a question or voice a concern, to inform me of a mistake in one of my post, to inform me of an inaccurate cultural representation, to offer constructive criticism, to advertise on the website​​.

Bad reasons to email me: to correct me on simple grammar mistakes, to offer nonconstructive criticism, to send me your zodiac sign (don't do it). 

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