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A Note Before We Begin

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Ah, the power of NOW.

NOW is everywhere. NOW is the world around us. NOW is what creates our future. NOW is what humans have been building towards throughout our entire existence!

HOWEVER, NOW can be difficult to understand.

BECAUSE NOW is always changing. NOW is an intersection of different ideas, opinions, voices, and beliefs. NOW just became the PAST and what used to be the FUTURE is now NOW.

(that was confusing)

But what is NOW?

Most people these days refer to NOW as CURRENT EVENTS, which is a fine term. Really, I don’t mind it at all. I just thought NOW was a catchier title for a News Blog.

(I’ve got to build my brand somehow)

NOW comes from a variety of sources: your phone, your tv, your radio, your coworker (you know, the one who is oddly opinionated on subjects he doesn’t know much about…).

Long story short: You can get your NOW ANYWHERE!

BUT that’s part of the issue, isn’t it? At least it’s an issue for me. None of the news sources I use EVER has the complete story on a given issue. I always see headlines, talking points, news updates, but I NEVER really understand the CONTEXT of these stories.

So, where’s the CONTEXT!?

Seriously. Where is it? Open up a news source. Any will do.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Yep. Just stories, taken out of context.


(Uhhhh…ignore that last one. Please don’t read Breitbart)

Anyway. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with a news source without context. But sometimes you just need context!

Whenever I read a news story or see the typical headline (see above), I feel like I learn just enough on a specific story to not have to do any further research. Reading the headline is easy – turn on your tv, open your Twitter app, listen to that coworker of yours (who really won’t stop talking about subjects he doesn’t know much about…).

These headlines satisfy the brain, even though it doesn’t really teach the brain anything. It’s a trick for your brain, because brains like laziness. So, your brain just ends up memorizing talking points without really understanding the underlying issue. Yes, I know the war in Syria is BAD. But if anyone asks for my opinion on it at the upcoming work social event, I won’t know what to say!

So, give me some context here!

I want historical context. I want social context. I want religious context. I want geopolitical context.

I want to understand how and why the war in Syria got so bad. I want to understand why Brexit happened. I want to know why protests are happening in Hong Kong. And I want to know why the hell healthcare is such a big debate in the United States!

Getting context on current events should be easy! There should be an easier way to understand these complicated events going on in our world. Don’t you agree?

Everything else is so easy to do! You can order a cab in mere seconds. You can look up the tastiest restaurant in a 3.6-mile radius of your apartment. You can stalk that hot guy you met at the bar last night using multiple social media sites. So why can’t I get some context on my news??

I couldn’t find an answer.

So, I decided to create an answer. I decided to create HOW WE GOT TO NOW.

HOW WE GOT TO NOW is a blog designed to provide YOU with the context and information on important issues around you.

HOW WE GOT TO NOW won’t make you a scholar. It won't even give you a GED.

BUT it will help you to understand your world just a little more. At least enough to impress people at your work social event…

Welcome to HOW WE GOT TO NOW.

Thanks for reading.

I hope your work social event goes well.

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