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Global Innovation Forum

  Could Blogs Be a Global Innovation Forum?

Finding non partisan blogs could be a tricky task, especially for those who are only looking for information, facts, and insights. The good news is that there are those types of non-biased blogs but the bad news is there are plenty of the other agenda-driven types too. Although those partisan-led blogs have a purpose, creating concepts like a global innovation forum isn't one of them.

On the other hand, for those blogs that are neutral in motive and without agenda, ideas like a global innovation forum could be a realistic possibility. Non partisan blogs like How We Got to Now, hopes it can be the kind of information sharing source, that at its best could be a spark to creating a global innovation forum. And at our worst, at least a place where factual and honest information is shared.

What drives the world, the media, the government, and communities? How did the world we live in today become the world we live in today? These are the questions that How We Got to Now will help to answer. One of the best tools we have in helping us guide our future is understanding our past and the road that led to here. That information, when known and used, can help us all as we move from here to there - and the future that we make.

Amid and in light of the COVID19 pandemic, it is data, facts, insights, and this type of knowledge that we have come to realize can help us to move forward - into a better future. With the power of tools like technology, the brilliant minds we've been given, and a place to share ideas together anything is possible. A blog is only a blog, and an idea is only an idea until someone decides to make it something more.

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