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  The Value of A Useful Current Events Blog

There are essentially two types of a current events blog. There is the one kind that are the blogs about current events that amount to basically nothing more than either a gripe or rant or a biased and opinionated mouthpiece aimed to persuade or influence. In a word, these are the useless types of blogs.

Then, there are the other types of blogs. These might be what people also call blogs about current events but these blogs help people understand. These are the types of blogs that educate and offer insight. In a word, this is what people call a useful current events blog. And the difference between these two types of blogs is less about the blogs themselves but what they inspire, what they invoke, and the impact they have.

Blogs that make a difference may or may not be biased, they may or may not be the types of blogs that become soapboxes for people with a bone to pick. Blogs that help people, inform people, and that helps people understand, however, always make a difference. That is also the value of blogs about current events, blogs that are tools, not weapons.

At How We Got to Now, the hope is that you get something useful and something that enriches your life. What you won't get, is a blog complaining about these people, that organization, or this issue. What you will get are facts, context, and information. That is the value of current events blogs.

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